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Our global eDiscovery experts leverage advanced technologies to quickly uncover relevant information, providing insight and acceleration in complex investigations.

During an internal or government investigation, in response to litigation or dispute, or after a cyber event occurs, our eDiscovery team assists clients in determining what happened, when it happened, and how it happened.

We deliver expertise across the eDiscovery lifecycle, spanning from data mapping and custodian interview support through managed document review and document production. Our experts employ the latest eDiscovery and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to address the evolving challenges presented by contemporary and emergent data platforms, communications applications, and cross-border data privacy and governance frameworks. We leverage a deep understanding of project and risk management to process large data volumes or complex cases efficiently, providing clients with necessary information throughout the discovery process.

Our Services
  • Cyber Breach Investigations
  • Communications Applications Platform Monitoring & Management
  • Compliance Assessment
  • Corporate Investigations Support
  • Independent Compliance Consulting
  • Departing Employee Preparation & Review
  • Data Mapping
  • Discovery Project Management, Hosting & Analytics
  • Document Production Services
  • Early Case Assessment (ECA) Services
  • Electronically Stored Information (ESI) Processing
  • Establishing Replacement Cost Values, Repair Values & Actual Cash Values
  • Expert & 30(b)(6) Testimony & Playbook
  • Financial & Fraud Investigations
  • Generative AI Prompt Development
  • HSR Second Requests
  • Legal Hold & Collection Technology Selection & Implementation
  • Litigation Support
  • Managed Document Review, including with our Vetted Teaming Partners
  • Off-Channel Communications Monitoring
  • Remediation & Defensible Disposition
  • Remote Data Collections
  • Workplace Misconduct Investigations
Our Subject Matter Experts
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Experts
  • Certified Disco Professionals
  • Certified Reveal Professionals
  • Certified RelativityOne Professionals
  • Cyber Security Experts
  • Data Analytics Specialists
  • eDiscovery Experts
  • Forensic Accountants
  • Forensic Technology Experts
  • Former Prosecutors & Law Enforcement
  • Risk & Compliance Professionals
Our eDiscovery Expertise

Our professionals deliver scalable, defensible, and repeatable processes designed to reduce costs and drive precise results throughout the eDiscovery lifecycle. We provide flexible and customized eDiscovery solutions for each engagement and assist clients in the proactive integration of practical and sustainable digital transformation technologies and processes.

Our experts assist clients in the identification, preservation, and collection of electronically-stored information (ESI), ESI processing and early case assessment (ECA) services, technology independent hosted data reviews, document production services, and eDiscovery advisory, among others.

We design workflows that take advantage of AI, document analytics, and predictive coding technology to maximize efficiency. We combine technology with strategic consulting and managed document review services to help even the most complex and voluminous legal reviews to be undertaken quickly. Our eDiscovery professionals are experts in understanding ESI protocols, managing review from beginning to end, and producing documents and reports to judges, government agencies, and other investigatory bodies. We help organizations to quickly and effectively respond in Second Request / HSR document reviews to achieve clearance on transactions and mergers and can effectively scale our services from small inquiries to large, complex projects as needed.

Working closely with our expert teams in forensic accounting, structured data analytics, cyber response, and data privacy, our eDiscovery team provides holistic support for all client needs.

Advanced Analytics & AI

By applying advanced ECA analytics techniques inclusive of artificial intelligence, computer-assisted review, and interactive dashboards, our experts provide significant cost-saving solutions, in some cases before the majority of data is loaded to a review database. We utilize targeted AI models to quickly surface documents of interest and are regularly evaluating the latest generative AI approaches coming to market. Our integrated Continuous Active Learning (CAL) workflows allow our clients to benefit from Technology-Assisted Review (TAR) while maximizing the productivity of the review team. We handle the details to allow legal teams to focus on the merits of the case and gain access to highly relevant documents promptly.

Document Review Platforms

As certified partners with advanced cloud eDiscovery platforms, we leverage our extensive experience to select and utilize the optimal technologies for document review, analysis, and production. Our experts utilize access to sophisticated tools, technology, and software to collect data from a variety of sources and place in the best-suited environment for your organization’s unique circumstance.

Managed Document Review

Our team delivers specialized expertise in document review to help clients to quickly identify critical documents and key facts from vast quantities of data in a cost-effective manner. We work with legal teams to provide comprehensive review and leverage state-of-the art technologies to meet the requirements of any eDiscovery matter, regardless of magnitude or complexity. We provide Managed Document Review services, either with J.S. Held experts or through our extensive partner network, along with our eDiscovery services.

Our experts leverage Continuous Active Learning technology to provide relevance predictions and facilitate smart batching. When running a structured review, AI combined with dynamic batching ensures that each new batch will have documents with the highest possible scores amongst the remaining unreviewed documents.

Document Production

Our experts regularly provide document production services to government entities, courts, and counsel. We deliver expertise in ESI protocol development and leverage those standards into an array of document review and collection platforms. Our team is experienced in producing documents across many governing bodies, including the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), and U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), among others, and provide strategic advisory services regarding selecting standard governing protocols.

Global Locations & Security Posture

Our team is uniquely equipped to address data privacy regulations around the globe. We have mobile hosting deployment options that can be deployed tactically in areas of need, as well operational capabilities for document hosting across multiple countries. Our experts are strategically located internationally to support engagements throughout the Americas, EMEA, and APAC.

We host documents in secure environments utilizing platforms that have been certified by the following standards:

  • SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 (formerly SAS 70)
  • SOC 2
  • SOC 3
  • DOD CSM Levels 1–5
  • PCI DSS Level 1
  • ISO 27001
  • ITAR
  • FIPS 140-2
  • MTCS Level 3
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