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J.S. Held’s Inaugural Global Risk Report Examines Potential Business Risks & Opportunities in 2024

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Our experts provide objective and actionable analysis for companies facing political risk exposure.

We monitor challenging sectors and countries for our clients, often in emerging and frontier regions, delivering critical information on changing political dynamics in some of the world’s most complex markets.

Our team advises some of the world’s largest corporations, financial institutions, and asset managers. We provide analysis on geopolitics, national political dynamics, and operational risk on the ground. Alongside robust political risk analysis, we also help clients navigate key figures who may influence the outcome of a project or transaction.

Our Services
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Geopolitical Analysis & Scenario Planning
  • Market Analysis & Country Strategy
  • Political, Economic & Operational Risk Reviews
  • Transaction Support & Due Diligence
  • Claims Reviews & Expert Witness Testimony
  • Government Relations Advisory
  • KYC, Sanctions Diligence & Trade Compliance
  • Political Risk Insurance Consulting
  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Comparative ESG Analysis Across Regions
  • ESG Reviews & Advisory
  • Pre-IPO ESG Audits
  • Supply Chain Audits
Our Clients
  • Asset Managers
  • Corporations with Exposure in Emerging & Frontier Markets
  • Development Banks & Multilateral Institutions
  • Family Offices & High-Net-Worth Individuals
  • Financial Institutions
  • Governments
  • Insurance Companies
Market Entry & Monitoring

We assess the impact of global geopolitics and regional political risk to our clients to help protect their assets and value. We provide actionable analysis on the political, business, social, regulatory, and environmental risks in some of the world’s most complex emerging and frontier markets.

Much of our work is directed at helping clients to scenario plan and “horizon scan.” We track geopolitical developments, policy and regulatory changes, and political fault lines to determine how these factors may impact market entry.

We monitor sudden or arbitrary changes in government policy, especially in emerging or frontier markets where regulations may be applied unevenly. Our proactive insights inform clients as to whether an emerging or developed market will introduce the nationalization of specific industries or natural resources.

Transaction Support

For specific transactions, our experts provide in-depth due diligence on investment opportunities spanning joint ventures, acquisitions, disposals, and senior appointments. We examine transactions through the lens of politics, patronage networks, and geopolitics, and evaluate the reputation, political exposure, and longevity of local counterparties and partners. Typical transaction support scenarios include assessment of:

  • Corporate Governance, Ownership & Undisclosed Beneficial Owners
  • Know-Your-Customer (KYC) & Money Laundering Risk
  • Operational Risk & Security for Assets on the Ground
  • Political Exposure & Connections to Local Elites
  • Quality & Reputation of Management Teams
Government Relations Advisory

We support government relations and strategy teams through on-the-ground intelligence and monitoring to engage with host governments.

For clients in countries with complex and often informal political structures, we provide stakeholder mapping and background research on key counterparties and influencers within government, elite groups, and businesses.

We identify the blockers and enablers of a project. Our team works with the client to determine the best path forward and advise on advocacy options.

Political Risk Insurance Advisory

We serve as expert advisors to the insurance industry on both the geopolitical and political dimensions to insurance disputes. We provide detailed chronologies and analysis of state expropriation, resource nationalism, and expert witness testimony in insurance disputes and litigation.

Sanctions & Trade Compliance

We advise clients on potential exposure to sanctions. We provide both pre-emptive and remedial advice in the context of U.S., E.U., and other sanctions regimes. Our work spans:

  • Advisory on the future trajectory of sanctions regimes and their impact on multi-lateral projects, such as pipelines or financial systems
  • Comprehensive review of sanctions exposure of individuals and companies
  • Regular analysis using automated trade compliance software to identify sanctioned counterparties
  • Working with external counsel to ascertain the level of and gravity of sanctions breaches. We seek to identify and preempt reputational or regulatory issues that may impact a transaction, and enable investment professionals to fulfill their regulatory obligations

Our experts work across jurisdictions, with a particular expertise in combating issues in frontier and emerging markets, where higher risks primarily lie. We have extensive experience in territories such as Russia, China, Iran, Myanmar, and other heavily sanctioned regions.

We also provide in-depth due diligence research into existing or legacy relationships in light of increased political exposure or sanctions. These relationships include customer and supply chain counterparties, vendors, and entities to which the bank is considering offloading assets or relationships, among others.

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