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MockArb® provides legal counsel and their clients with insights into the factors most likely to drive the outcome of a high-stakes arbitration decision.

MockArb® examines case-related issues and human factors to develop a mock panel of FINRA arbitrators closely resembling those involved in your case. This panel offers evaluation through each step of the mock arbitration process, providing a barometer of a panel’s ruling, while allowing legal counsel to test and calibrate their arbitration strategy, including settlement evaluation.

How MockArb® Works

Similar in concept to mock trial methods designed to prepare for litigation, MockArb® involves a comprehensive, disciplined process which replicates the selection, engagement, and evaluation of arbitrators, and uses that mock panel to test arguments, witnesses, evidence, and responses in a controlled environment that closely replicates arbitration.

MockArb® provides clients the opportunity to present to a panel of FINRA arbitrators that is representative of the one they may encounter in arbitration hearings. As a licensed distributor of FINRA arbitration awards, J.S. Held helps to select a mock panel based on an arbitrator’s geographic location, award history, gender, age, and other key demographic characteristics.

Once selected, our team facilitates each stage of the mock arbitration process, allowing clients to focus on their unique cases and strategy. We record real-time responses from the panel at each stage of the mock arbitration, including the introduction of a new witness or piece of evidence, and capture detailed insight to help develop your case strategy. MockArb® consists of an in-person and/or virtual mock arbitration environment and offers clients the opportunity to present to a single panel or multiple panels simultaneously to measure response and effectiveness.

The most enduring benefits of MockArb® for legal counsel, beyond testing specific case strategy, includes direct insight into the human factors – individual personalities, established opinions, and potential biases – that influence the decision-making process.

MockArb® is a highly customizable service and can be structured to accommodate a broad range of case complexities, time frames, and budgets.

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