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Our experts use extensive public and private sector networks to help clients successfully identify and engage with business-critical government stakeholders.

We identify high-level government figures that our clients need to know and advise on the best approach to secure mutually beneficial outcomes with host country governments. Our government relations advisors draw on a deep understanding of local political contexts and extensive public and private networks, built up over decades of engaging at the highest levels of government, to help clients succeed in emerging and frontier markets.

Our Services
  • Crisis Management
  • Direct Advocacy
  • Media & Communications Strategy Advisory
  • Policy Research & Intelligence
  • Stakeholder Engagement Planning
  • Stakeholder Mapping
Our Professionals
  • Compliance, Sanctions & Regulatory Experts
  • Corporate & Government Affairs Professionals
  • Former Diplomats
  • Former Intelligence & Security Services Officials
  • Former Politicians
  • Political Risk Consultants
Our Clients

Our government relations advisory team has experience delivering specialized expertise to clients across industries, including, but not limited to:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Global Mining Companies
  • Industry Trade Bodies & Associations
  • International Food & Beverage Manufacturers
  • Logistics, Transportation & Infrastructure Companies
  • Mobile Network Operators
  • Oil & Gas Companies - Majors & Independents
  • Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution Companies
  • Telecommunication Infrastructure Companies
Our Team Is Engaged in Matters Involving
  • Dispute Resolution & Mediation
  • Divestment & Market Exit Strategy
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • New Market Entry
  • Operational Support & Decision-Making
  • Policy, Legislation & Regulation Advocacy
Stakeholder Mapping

Our experts deliver strategic guidance to identify relevant government institutions and stakeholders across both public and private sectors, specifically tailored to achieving client objectives.

We provide clients with critical stakeholder intelligence, including detailed analysis of professional track records, commercial interests, and associations/networks, to give them a detailed knowledge of their operating environment and support fully informed decision making. Our experts also assess government stakeholder interest in, and influence over, client operations and investments.

Our government relations advisors provide clear-cut analysis of key stakeholders, map connections between them, and work with clients to formulate suitable lines of approach.

Stakeholder Engagement Planning

Our experts advise companies on the best way to engage with their most important stakeholders. We create detailed stakeholder engagement plans that prioritize key stakeholders, advise on strategic messaging and proper channel/medium selection, and outline the optimal time to engage high-level government stakeholders.

Our team draws on extensive public and private sector networks in order to organize and accompany clients to essential meetings, when requested. Our expert support enables clients to deploy an organized and strategic approach to stakeholder engagement, allowing them to both proactively engage key decision-makers on material issues and collaborate with government stakeholders over an extended period of time.

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