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Our Executive Exposure & Vulnerability Assessments (EVAs) help executives and high-profile individuals to address publicly available information about their home life, families, assets, and whereabouts.

We help clients to understand how this information could potentially be used against them or their families by threat actors, navigating the findings in a comprehensive and consultative manner.

Our team of investigators have decades of combined experience conducting EVAs for clients in a wide array of industries. During these assessments, we review information online and across the broader public record with the goal of determining what information a reasonably computer-literate individual would be able to identify about our clients, while also providing actionable recommendations on how the risks associated with this exposure of personal information can be mitigated.

Who Can Benefit from an EVA?
  • Executives moving into more public facing roles
  • High-net worth individuals with a focus on discretion
  • C-Suites ahead of major announcements likely to generate public interest
  • Family office managers and private client attorneys
  • Security directors managing the exposure of their executive teams
  • Attorneys engaged in contentious legal matters
  • Journalists covering hot-button beats
  • Candidates considering a run for office or judicial appointment
  • Podcasters or streamers with rapidly proliferating fan bases
J.S. Held's EVA Program

J.S. Held’s Exposure & Vulnerability Assessment (EVA) program is designed with the following benefits in mind:

  • EVAs include recommendations around social media best practices, designed to reduce the unwanted dissemination of personal information via these platforms.
  • EVAs can help mitigate the spread of personal information online and are designed to prevent incidents before they occur.
  • EVAs include a deep web and dark web review designed to flag identity breaches, misuse of personal information, impersonation and threatening commentary.
  • EVAs can become a singular part of your online and physical security program. As such, they can be refreshed on a regular basis or around triggering events, as appropriate for you and your family’s needs and peace of mind.
  • EVAs are designed to be conducted entirely passively, without the use of hacking, phishing, or otherwise engaging with threat actors. It is not necessary for the subjects of the reviews to engage with our consultants.
Considerations Around Personal & Professional Social Media Usage

Engagement on social media and other public external platforms is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it can help with brand building, however, it also runs the risk of exposing personal information and decreasing privacy.

Even for those who are not active on social media themselves, risks still persist in the online activity of their family members, business associates, friends, and a myriad of other acquaintances. For example:

  • Posts or information mentioning children, pets, hometowns, or alma maters may provide bad actors with answers to account security questions;
  • Promotion of philanthropic events may reveal an executive's home address;
  • Posts from a trip may reveal information that relates to future plans for the company;
  • Checking-in and geotagging posts may present security risks and increase the chances of unwanted contact at regularly frequented locations, such as favorite restaurants or coffee shops.

Given the central role social media plays in the online landscape, EVAs help uncover what information is available to the public and provide personalized guidance on important considerations moving forward.

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