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Competitor Intelligence

J.S. Held’s Inaugural Global Risk Report Examines Potential Business Risks & Opportunities in 2024

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We support clients by collecting, uncovering, and analyzing actionable information about competitors and the marketplace to make well-informed decisions regarding business strategy.

We evaluate competitors’ products and services, strategic initiatives, strengths and weaknesses, company structures, business partners, intellectual property assets, and supply chain integrity. Our analysis helps clients to identify potential partnerships, joint ventures, and investment opportunities in both established and emerging markets.

We offer ongoing monitoring and intelligence services regarding the competitive landscape in which clients operate internationally.

Our Services
  • Competitor Analysis & Intelligence Gathering
  • Competitor Monitoring & Reporting
  • Counterparty Research
  • Identification & Vetting of Potential M&A, Alliances & Partnerships
  • Investigative Due Diligence
  • Market Entry Analysis
  • Political Risk Analysis
  • Regulatory Insights
  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Supply Chain Integrity Assessments & Monitoring
Competitor Analysis

Utilizing legal and ethical due diligence practices, we identify the actual operations, background, reputation, and risk factors related to potential competitors in any given segment or market. Our team uncovers verifiable business activities, disputes, litigation, political connections, corruption and bribery-related matters, regulatory and compliance issues, lingering allegations, and other ‘red flags’.

Our experts also delineate the spoken and unspoken factors affecting business in a market, such as key stakeholders, established market players, and regulatory enforcement and implementation.

When clients craft bid proposals for projects in an emerging market, we identify the competing bidders and examine the types and quality of relationships they may have with government, military, or private entities sponsoring the bids. We help our clients understand the positions of other candidates in the bidding process by examining their track record, strengths and weaknesses in that market, sector, or jurisdiction.

Through rigorous research and investigative techniques, we identify direct and indirect competitors and examine their successes and failures, major customers, pricing, and go-to-market strategies for products and services. We investigate complex supply chains, as well as the complexity of components, raw materials, and human capital. We also help to identify whether competitors may have high-risk suppliers or if they are facing any legal, regulatory, or reputational challenges.

Our experts’ analysis provides clients with tactical intelligence which enables them to take advantage of potential opportunities and avoid pitfalls.

Strategic Intelligence

Our experts offer a global understanding of trends in any given market or sector and analyze data on relevant market participants to provide insight into potential opportunities, investments, risks, and threats. We identify new partners, potential investors, or joint ventures in markets that our clients operate in and ensure that pertinent information is properly disseminated to key decision makers. We utilize wide-ranging local and industry expertise and provide guidance to our clients to add value in emerging markets where reliable and unbiased competitor and business intelligence may be less readily available.

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