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ArbSelector® - Arbitrator Selection Consulting Services

ArbSelector® is a comprehensive, interactive tool that enables counsel and stakeholders to perform side-by-side evaluations of FINRA arbitrators to assist in effective panel selection.

ArbSelector® enables legal counsel to make informed, strategic decisions in their selection of FINRA arbitrators. Over the past decade, ArbSelector® has become recognized as the industry standard for this important due diligence task. Based on the entirety of FINRA, NASD, and NYSE award data, as well as proprietary arbitrator insights, ArbSelector® delivers a level of detail, accuracy, and integrity demanded by those who rely on it to successfully choose the preferred panel for arbitration.

How ArbSelector® Works

Submit Prospective Arbitrator List.

You provide the list of prospective arbitrators and bios supplied by FINRA, along with the Claimant’s Statement of Claim, as soon as that information is available to you.

We Provide Your Summary Report.

This report is a comprehensive, side-by-side comparison of potential FINRA arbitrators, including preliminary rankings based on key metrics, including ratios from prior awards.

You Select Your Arbitrators. We Monitor Them.

Once the panel is finalized and our team has been notified, we continually monitor each panelist, and alert you on a weekly basis of any new awards involving your arbitrators, providing ongoing due diligence throughout the duration of your case.

Report Inventory

ArbSelector® utilizes over 35 years of historical FINRA, NASD, and NYSE awards and provides clients a high-level summary report containing valuable preliminary rankings and metrics needed to accurately compare arbitrators side-by-side. These criteria include compensatory and total damages requested / awarded, arbitrator experience with each party and counsel, supplemental case details, qualitative alerts, and cross-referencing of attorneys and brokerage firms with each arbitrator.

Along with the summary report, ArbSelector® also delivers detailed, in-depth analyses covering issues spanning:

  • Arbitrator / Attorney Cross-Referencing
  • Arbitrator / Brokerage Firm Cross-Referencing
  • Arbitrators Serving on the Same Panel
  • Claimant Attorney / Firm History
  • Dissenting Opinions
  • Million-Dollar Decisions
  • Our Testifying Experts’ Experience with Specific Arbitrators
  • Product / Issue Cross-Referencing
  • Reasoned Awards

ArbSelector® is a customizable research tool. The weighting of ArbSelector® metrics can be adjusted to provide tailored arbitrator rankings specific to your case.

Additional Arbitration Tools - ArbReporter®

ArbReporter® is a weekly email communication that provides a comprehensive report of all FINRA awards from the prior week. ArbReporter® is a convenient tool for keeping up-to-date on FINRA arbitration activity. ArbReporter® contains all the essential information including claimant and respondent; attorneys; the nature of each case; relief requests; arbitrators; and case disposition including final awards, other damages, and dissenting opinions.

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Additional Arbitration Tools - MockArb®

MockArb® provides legal counsel and their clients with insights into the factors most likely to drive the outcome of a high-stakes arbitration decision. MockArb® examines case-related issues and human factors to develop a mock panel of FINRA arbitrators closely resembling those involved in your case. This panel offers evaluation through each step of the mock arbitration process, providing a barometer of a panel’s ruling, while allowing legal counsel to test and calibrate their arbitration strategy, including settlement evaluation.

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