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We provide assistance to distressed companies, their counsel, receivers, and regulators in matters of bankruptcy and insolvency litigation.

Our team delivers specialized expertise, flexibility, and integrity when working with clients that are facing financial distress or have reached the point of bankruptcy or insolvency.

We help organizations to assess the causes of financial distress; evaluate potential fraud and misconduct by management, employees, and third parties that may have contributed to the financial hardship; and perform valuations of businesses and their remaining assets, including intellectual property (IP) and other intangible assets. We also routinely work with regulators and receivers in bankruptcy and insolvency matters and are actively involved in organizations that serve those practitioners.

Our Services
  • Assessing the Causes of Financial Distress, Bankruptcy, and/or Insolvency
  • Assessing the Conduct of Third Parties that Potentially Caused, or Failed to Prevent, the Financial Hardship of the Distressed Company
  • Asset Valuation
  • Business Operations Evaluations
  • Business Valuation
  • Digital Investigations & eDiscovery
  • Evaluations of Fraudulent Conveyance and Preferential Transfer, Clawbacks, and Other Matters of Asset Recovery
  • Expert Witness Testimony & Litigation Support
  • Fraud & Misconduct Investigations
  • Intellectual Property Valuation
  • Real Property Valuation / Appraisal
  • Restructuring, Turnaround & Receivership
Our Subject Matter Experts
  • Accredited Business Valuation Experts
  • Certified Financial Forensics Experts
  • Certified Fraud Examiners
  • Certified Insolvency & Restructuring Advisors
  • Certified Licensing Professionals
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Certified Turnaround Professionals
  • Chartered Financial Consultants
  • Commercial Litigation Consultants
  • Data Analysts
  • Digital Forensics Experts
  • Economists
  • Forensic Accountants
Our Team is Engaged in Matters Involving
  • Asset Tracing
  • Asset Valuation & Related Party Transactions
  • Auditor Malpractice Claims
  • Economic Damages & Recoveries
  • Financial Statement Misstatements
  • Fraudulent Conveyance
  • Measurement of Insolvency
  • Officer & Director Conduct
Featured Engagements – Auditor Malpractice, Insolvency Calculation & Claims

Our experts were engaged to evaluate malpractice claims against the auditor of several large bankrupt publicly traded companies that had been engaged in banking, brokerage, insurance, and lending services. Our experts evaluated accounting and auditing practices, particularly related to franchise fee revenue recognition and the allowances for uncollectible loans and determined extent of entities’ insolvency. Our team was subsequently engaged by counsel for the bankruptcy trustee to extract and analyze millions of transactions from the company’s management system to support claims against insurance carriers, franchisees, securitization trusts, banks, and other financial institutions.

Featured Engagements – Statutory & Forensic Accounting Consultation to Receivers & Liquidators

Our experts were engaged by counsel for several different state insurance departments in their roles and receivers and/or liquidators of insolvent insurance companies to assist in assessment of whether financial statements were prepared in accordance with statutory accounting practices, analysis of the conduct of directors and officers, and evaluation of compliance by auditors with generally accepted auditing.

Our team was engaged to investigate causes of insolvency, perform liability, causation, and damages analyses related to directors, officers, accountants, actuaries, and other consultants. Issues have included loss reserve adequacy, reinsurance recoverable, and internal control deficiencies, among others. Work included review of workpapers, coordination and review of work of consulting actuaries, and preparation of deposition outlines. Additional services included preparation of pro forma financial statements, deposition assistance, and rebuttal of opposing experts. Expert testimony was provided.

Featured Engagement – Fraudulent Transfer Dispute for International Insurance Company

Our experts were engaged on behalf of an international insurance company regarding a dispute arising from claims of fraudulent transfer and involving complex business transactions including evaluation of a billion-dollar reinsurance agreement, issues of asset valuation and goodwill, and impairment thereof. Services included deposition and trial testimony.

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