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ESOP Valuation & Consulting

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Our team of financial experts spans forensic accountants, economists, appraisers, valuators, and investigators, among others.

We deliver expertise including valuation, guidance on the valuation and economic aspects of plan design/structuring, and advisory on the management of Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) for both buy-side and sell-side transactions. Our experienced valuation team conducts preliminary valuations, feasibility studies, fairness opinions, and annual appraisals of ESOPs to meet the needs of fiduciaries, key stakeholders, and employees.

Buy-Side Services
  • Deal Execution Consulting & Integration Support
  • Feasibility Studies & Fairness Opinions
  • Transaction Due Diligence Advisory
  • Transaction Structuring & Financing Assessment
  • Valuation & Pricing
Sell-Side Services
  • Deal Execution Consulting & Transition Support
  • Due Diligence Support
  • Transaction Readiness Assessment
  • Transaction Structuring & Negotiation Advisory
  • Valuation Analysis
How We Advise: Buy-Side

Our experts deliver professional consultation to assist trustees in purchasing shares for an ESOP trust. As trusted advisors in ESOP transactions, our team understands the intricacies of the purchasing process and leverages years of experience to provide guidance and support a successful transaction.

Our ESOP advisory begins with assessing the company's valuation, financial performance, and potential risks and rewards associated with the transaction. Utilizing this information, we collaborate with the trustee to develop a tailored acquisition strategy that aligns with the trust's objectives and maximizes value for the trust beneficiaries. Further, we advise in negotiating the financial terms and conditions of the purchase, including pricing, financing options, and necessary contractual agreements. Our experts provide ongoing support, including due diligence advisory, coordinating with legal and valuation experts, and facilitating communication between the trustee and the selling shareholders.

We help trustees to make well-informed decisions, mitigate risk, and execute the purchase of shares for the ESOP trust in order to provide benefit to all key stakeholders.

How We Advise: Sell-Side

Our ESOP experts conduct thorough analyses to assess the feasibility and potential benefits of selling shares to an ESOP trust.

Our team evaluates the organization’s financial health and conducts necessary valuations for the transaction. We work with shareholders to develop a strategic plan for a sale and assist in negotiations to achieve an adequate, fair deal. We provide expert guidance and support throughout the sales process, address concerns in real-time, and help streamline communication between shareholders and the ESOP trust.

Our experts have experience providing independent professional services to both buyers and sellers in ESOP transactions and provide unbiased opinions to help ease the transaction process.

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