Corporate Finance

Lender Advisory

Our experts provide lenders with objective, data-driven analysis and solutions that enable them to protect their interests and maximize recoveries from distressed borrowers.

Utilizing our expertise in corporate finance and forensic accounting, our team provides assessment of the borrower’s financial challenges, identifies the root cause of the borrower’s difficulties, identifies the value of a borrower’s organization, and offers insight into short-term and long-term liquidity to determine next steps.

We work with lenders to evaluate the viability of a distressed borrower’s business plan, offer guidance on performance improvements and stabilization, and provide restructuring advisory and interim management services, if deemed necessary.

We also help trace and recover assets and investigate allegations of fraud.

Our Services
  • Asset Tracing & Recovery
  • Business & Scenario Planning
  • Business Assessment & Viability
  • Cash Flow Planning / 13-Week Cash Flow
  • Debt Default & Capital Restructuring
  • Expert Witness Support
  • Financial Investigations
  • Forbearance Evaluations
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Identification and Evaluation of Strategic Competitive Advantage
  • Interim Management
  • Investigation of Covenant Violations
  • Investigation of Potential Fraud or Potential Mismanagement of Operations
  • Lease Restructuring
  • Liquidity Crisis Evaluations & Strategies
  • Monitoring
  • Operational Assessment including Cost Reductions and Restructuring Initiatives
  • Orderly Asset Disposal
  • Recovery Strategies
  • Restructuring Advisory
  • Special Asset Group Oversight
Our Experts Are Engaged in Matters Involving
  • Covenant Violations
  • Debt Default & Restructuring
  • Forbearance
  • Inability to Provide Reliable Financial Information
  • Lease Restructuring
  • Liquidity Crisis
  • Orderly Asset Disposal
  • Potential Mismanagement of Operations or Fraudulent Information
  • Special Asset Group Oversight
Lender Advisory Approach

Cash Management & Financial Restructuring

Our team reviews a distressed borrower’s short-term liquidity and utilizes 13-week cash flow models to provide support in budgeting, performance, and cash management. Based on the results of our liquidity assessment, our experts then recommend steps to maximize short-term cash conservation and generation. Further, our experts help lenders to quantify the enterprise value of a borrower’s organization and offer guidance to determine if there are available opportunities in restructuring debt or capital structures.

Operational Improvements & Monitoring

Our turnaround experts examine a troubled borrower’s business operations, processes, and management to identify the root cause of issues, assess potential risks, uncover opportunities to improve operations and cash flow, and provide recommendations and guidance to implement and execute an appropriate restructuring plan. Once a business has been stabilized financially and operationally, our team conducts performance monitoring to ensure the long-term ability of a borrower to meet their obligations.

Determination of Potential Exit Strategies & Sale Process

In certain scenarios, our experts help to develop and implement exit strategies, which may include debt refinancing, the sale of certain assets, or the sale of an entire company.

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