Employee Spotlight: Michelle Feduccia

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March 18, 2021
Michelle Feduccia, Professional Engineer - Forensic Architecture & Engineering Practice
Michelle Feduccia, Professional Engineer - Forensic Architecture & Engineering Practice

What truly differentiates J.S. Held is our people — world-class talent driven by a common set of core values. Together, these shared values inspire a culture of integrity, excellence, teamwork, and service.


Michelle Feduccia joined J.S. Held in March of 2018 as part of the Bracken Engineering acquisition. Based in Tampa, Florida, she is a Professional Engineer and the North Florida Area Lead for J.S. Held’s Forensic Architecture & Engineering Practice. Michelle specializes in forensic investigations involving construction defect, moisture intrusion, and property/infrastructure damage.


“Michelle embodies the core values and professionalism of a team player, and she is a respected leader. She is always looking for ways for her team to improve and to succeed. Michelle is ready and willing to handle any type of project, reaches out to grow client relationships or resolve issues, and steps forward to help mentor young engineering interns.”

Greg Beste – Vice President, Forensic Architecture & Engineering Practice | Hilton Head, SC



Michelle holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree from the University of South Florida, Level 3 Thermography Certification from Infrared Training Center, and is a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in Florida and Tennessee. “A lot of my family works in carpentry, ironworking, millwrights, and other related trades. They inspired me to want to be involved in this arena,” she says. “My family told me, ‘You can do that,’ but they encouraged me to go to college and get a degree so I could be involved in the field from a different standpoint, so that’s the path I chose to follow.”

Around 2011, still in college and not yet familiar with forensic engineering, Michelle interned with Bracken Engineering. During that time, she discovered her passion for forensics and eventually became an Engineering Technician.

The acquisition of Bracken Engineering in 2018 formed J.S. Held’s Forensic Architecture & Engineering Practice and presented new opportunities for Michelle. “Upon joining J.S. Held, I began to take on more of a project management role and have since grown into my current role as North Florida Area Lead for Forensic Architecture & Engineering,” said Michelle.

Professional Interests

Michelle’s areas of expertise include civil/structural engineering, infrared (IR) thermography, building envelope, construction defect, and moisture intrusion. Due to regional factors, many of her projects tend to involve the effects of hurricanes, wind, flooding, and other storm-related damage.

She is passionate about the investigative nature of forensic work and describes it as, “gratifying to find answers to the present challenges and then deliver those findings, whether through legal proceedings or expert reports.”

Employee Spotlight: Michelle Feduccia
Employee Spotlight: Michelle Feduccia

Another area of Michelle’s role that she finds fulfilling is the opportunity to work with fellow subject matter experts on complex projects. She regularly consults with the geotechnical engineer, geologist, and former code official on her local team, as well as the variety of scientific, technical, financial, and advisory experts at J.S. Held globally.

Personal Interests

In her free time, Michelle prefers being out in nature. “We like to get in our Jeep and go trail riding through the Ocala National Forest,” she says. Going on vacations to national parks across the U.S., hiking, and exploring are also some of her and her husband’s favorite activities. “I like to visit places where I get to see snow,” she adds, “But I’m grateful to be able to leave it behind when I come home to Florida.”


“It takes a team. Remember that when everything comes together.”

Michelle Feduccia, PE, Forensic Architecture & Engineering Area Lead | Tampa, FL



Are you interested in learning more about Michelle Feduccia? Send her an email at [email protected] or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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