Employee Spotlight: Kevin Rogers

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May 13, 2021
Kevin Rogers, Assistant Vice President, Project Support Services – Construction Advisory Practice
Kevin Rogers, Assistant Vice President, Project Support Services – Construction Advisory Practice

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Kevin Rogers joined J.S. Held in the Spring of 2019 as part of the Construction Process Solutions acquisition. Based out of Cincinnati, he is an Assistant Vice President for Project Support Services within the J.S. Held Construction Advisory Practice. Kevin is usually in either an owner’s representative or project support role, working directly with clients on a variety of construction-related projects. “I definitely have a ‘people job’,” Kevin says.

Kevin is known for his friendliness, loyalty, empathy, and witty personality. These are all characteristics that make him a great owner’s representative (owner’s rep). “Owner’s rep engagements involve working closely with owners and project leadership. I’ve worked with a lot of clients, on a variety of different projects, and have formed many great friendships along the way,” said Kevin. “There’s really no ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to owner’s rep. Every project is different, but what remains constant is that all of them are dedicated to delivering on the client’s needs and being their direct line of communication to all parties involved on a project to make sure things stay on time and within budget.”


“Kevin is an integral part of our Project Support Services team and the growth we’ve achieved. His pragmatic approach to managing project teams to drive discussions and document decisions sets the bar for those in the Owner's Representation industry. Kevin is committed to delivering high-quality expertise and an unparalleled client experience!”

Michael Collins, LEED AP, Senior Vice President, Project Support Services – Construction Advisory Practice | Cincinnati, OH



Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management from Northern Kentucky University and an Associate of Science degree in Civil Engineering Technology (Architectural and Construction Management) from Cincinnati State University. In college, he originally wanted to become an architect. “I got my Associate’s in architecture, but then went on to do some work in construction management,” says Kevin, “I watched what others were doing in architecture at the time in order to get a more rounded perspective of the work. I decided it probably wasn’t for me and stuck with the construction management route.”

Kevin transferred from Cincinnati to Louisville after earning his Bachelor’s. There, he gained experience with two different firms, one of which involved a major project on UPS Worldport. “At the time, I was sure I was going to be a construction manager rather than an owner’s rep,” he says. “I transferred back to Cincinnati and was doing work for Procter & Gamble, eventually started a family, and began to wonder, ‘what else is out there?’ I had opportunities in Puerto Rico and Kansas City, but wanted to stay in Cincinnati.” Around that time, Kevin heard about J.S. Held through his brother-in-law, who is also in the construction industry.

“After I spoke with my brother-in-law, I interviewed with J.S. Held and am now part of the Project Support Services team based in Cincinnati,” Kevin says, “I am delighted to work here and be an advocate on behalf of owners everyday. I enjoy getting to work with the construction management team, the ownership team, and the boards, and it’s so much better than the work I did before.”

According to Kevin, “Project Support is ‘like a box of chocolates.’” Variety makes owner’s representation work especially interesting. “I can have up to six projects at a time. It keeps everything fresh. Again, it wasn’t my original plan to go the owner’s rep route, but I’m very grateful I did.”

Professional Interests

Kevin spends much of his time in the field on jobsites. “My job responsibilities,” he explains, “cater to the particular project I am working on. I engage in all aspects of project management throughout the construction process ranging from conceptual estimates for projects to construction project closeout.” A 'typical day' allows Kevin to advocate for his clients undergoing construction capital improvement. He also monitors construction activities and reviews many aspects of the project, such as budget, schedules, construction change orders, monthly pay applications, and construction progress. “I also offer an additional level of quality assurance/control measures to projects,” he adds.

Kevin is currently involved in a project for a 500,000 ft2 MLS stadium. “I’m working on putting together all the issues that will need rectifying before the construction manager can be paid.” It can be surprising to clients, he explains, all the details of such a project that would go unnoticed without an owner’s rep in place. “It can be difficult for some people to see the whole scope when it comes to these projects. They may not notice some of the details contractors work into contracts or may not question a high-price change order that shouldn’t occur.”

Due to the nature of his work, Kevin often gets to play an integral role in projects that sound as though they were pulled from the script of feel-good TV shows and movies. “I worked on a project for a big public library years ago and ended up getting along really well with all the librarians. It ended up becoming on of my favorite projects to date,” says Kevin. “Their money is public money. They have a certain amount that’s allocated to their projects. At one point, they were at risk of being taken advantage of and I had to sit down with them and the construction manager because there was a forty-thousand dollar change order to move spoils. The owner didn’t know what means and methods were (not everyone does). We were able to put the ball back in the contractor’s court because the decision to move materials more than once wasn’t the library’s decision. Had I not been there, I’m pretty certain the county would have paid the change order.”

It’s not unusual for Kevin’s projects to become personally meaningful. “I did some work for a brewery in Cincinnati, and they were fighting for every last penny. The guys I worked with had wives, girlfriends, and kids who were all coming in on weekends to try and make the business work. When they needed extra help, I’d step in and help scrape floors, push a broom, or whatever they needed.” He was also involved in a theater project for his church. “The church I attend had merged with another church in Lexington that had three campuses. Their main branch met in a gymnasium. What we did was shut down the church for as little time as possible, did the demo work, built the risers, and put in stadium seating and the A/V equipment. Months of coordination work went into the project, and, ultimately, we pulled it off. It was very rewarding.”

Employee Spotlight: Kevin Rogers
Employee Spotlight: Kevin Rogers

Personal Interests

Kevin enjoys working with his hands, including DIY projects around the house and gardening. “I also enjoy hiking and exploring with my girls, Sydney and Ollie, and my yellow Labrador retriever, Garth,” he says. “Summer weekends are usually spent at the lake, and fall nights we’ll gather around a campfire. My kids are still young, so I also enjoy maintaining 'superhero' status in their eyes.”


“Spend time reflecting and showing gratitude. Don't pass up the moments of each day, take time to appreciate the positives and reflect on the lessons.”

Kevin Rogers, Assistant Vice President, Project Support Services – Construction Advisory Practice | Cincinnati, OH



Are you interested in learning more about Kevin Rogers? Send him an email at [email protected] or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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