Employee Spotlight: John Pearson

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July 10, 2018
Jon Pearson esp 01
Jon Pearson esp 01

What truly differentiates J.S. Held is our people — world-class talent driven by a common set of core values. Together, these shared values inspire a culture of integrity, excellence, teamwork, and service.


Get to know John J. Pearson.

John Pearson has been with J.S. Held for nearly six years, and in that time, he has become an influential leader for the Property Damage Consulting team. John is based out of our Philadelphia, Pennsylvania office and brings a high-sense of organization and enthusiasm to his work that embodies J.S. Held’s Core Values. Whether he is managing projects, performing site inspections, estimating cost of repairs, or reviewing contractor invoices John always has a smile on his face and a bounce in his step. His lighthearted spirit is best characterized by his nickname, “JJ”.

John’s positive outlook on life makes him a true joy to be around. No matter the circumstance, he always has a grasp for the big picture unfolding in front of him and a knack for making the most out of every opportunity. John attributes this perspective to his appreciation for change.

John Pearson
John Pearson


John is a graduate of Rutgers University, where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Management. Upon graduation and prior to joining J.S. Held, John interned with an industry leading equity trading firm, which specialized in construction, mining, and metals. His internship strengthened his understanding of data sources and ability to complete projects efficiently. Albeit more refined with time, these attributes continue to play an important role in his work today.

It was John’s desire to learn from Doug MacKinney, Executive Vice President, and Jake Mello, Senior Vice President, that brought him to J.S. Held back in 2012. “I’ve always admired how Doug and Jake do business and knew they could teach me a lot about this industry and life in general,” said John.

Professional Interests

John is renowned for his expertise in assessing damages and analyzing costs for the “smoking gun” to ensure fair valuation for clients. Throughout his career, he has consulted on many of the largest losses in the hospitality sector and responded to some of the nation’s most catastrophic events. One of which was Superstorm Sandy where John assessed the famous Jenkinson’s Boardwalk and Jet Star roller coaster after it had fallen into the ocean.

Employee Spotlight: John Pearson
Employee Spotlight: John Pearson

Life as a property damage consultant means that no two days are the same and that’s exactly how John likes it. Known for his adaptability and responsiveness, John enjoys the fast-paced environment the consulting industry offers. It is his passion for solving complex matters and providing innovative solutions that inspires him on a daily basis.

Personal Interests

Away from work, John can be found boating along the Jersey Shore and spending time with his wife, Amanda, and two young children, Piper (23 months) and Parker (4 months).

John Pearson
John Pearson

Within his community, John has been involved with the Environmental Affairs Board of Medford, New Jersey, which works to preserve undeveloped land within the town. His efforts with the group are focused on a bigger picture – some things are better left unchanged.


Interested in learning more about John Pearson? Send him an email at [email protected].

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