Employee Spotlight: George Alexander

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January 15, 2020
George Alexander, Vice President - Equipment Consulting Practice
George Alexander, Vice President - Equipment Consulting Practice

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Get to know George Alexander.

George Alexander joined J.S. Held as part of the Werlinger & Associates acquisition in 2019. As Vice President of J.S. Held’s Equipment Consulting Practice, George provides technical consulting services, such as equipment damage assessments, feasibility of repair vs. replacement, comparable replacement analysis/estimates, actual cash value determinations, and production impact resolutions.

George is recognized for his relentless passion and dedication to serving others, which is a key reason why he was recently selected to help lead the expansion of J.S. Held’s Equipment Practice in the South-Central United States.

“George has a wealth of knowledge and experience as an equipment consultant,” said Scott Armstrong, Executive Vice President – Equipment Consulting Practice.

Scott Armstrong - Yorba Linda, CA
Scott Armstrong - Yorba Linda, CA


Prior to his 22-year tenure with Werlinger & Associates, George served as a Project Supervisor/Consultant for a technology restoration firm, where he provided consulting services and managed restoration teams who were focused on the decontamination of electronic equipment and components, machinery, processing plants, semiconductor equipment and facilities, and industrial/mechanical equipment.

George leverages his time in equipment restoration to effectively assess damage and determine proper remediation actions. This role, in addition to the others he has held throughout more than twenty years in the industry, has helped George strengthen his communication, organizational, and technical skills to become a trusted advisor of both local and international clients.

Through each of his endeavors, George has remained constant is his commitment to professional development and continued learning, which is one of the key things he looks forward to most in his new role with J.S. Held.

“I’m very excited about the opportunity to relocate from Yorba Linda, CA, to Dallas, TX, and provide local support in that region while contributing to the overall development of J.S. Held as the industry’s leader in technology and equipment-related matters,” said George.

Professional Interests

George specializes in the technical evaluation of equipment and systems to determine scope of damage and appropriate corrective actions. He has worked on a variety of large, complex assignments, including the assessment of large data centers at the World Trade Center following 9/11, analyzing damage from Hurricane Katrina to casino gaming systems, and inspecting several thousand pieces of compromised medical equipment resulting from hospital losses.

Employee Spotlight: George Alexander
Employee Spotlight: George Alexander

“I’m fortunate to work in an industry that has an endless amount of lessons to be learned,” said George. “Even though I’ve been in a relatively similar role for the duration of my career, I am still energized every day by the unique challenges each project has to offer.”

Personal Interests

To George, life is all about balance. While he is a dedicated employee, serious about his responsibilities and the quality of his work product, he is also very light-hearted and jovial, which George believes is critical to a long-term, invigorating career.

When away from the office, George enjoys spending time outdoors at the top of mountains on the ski slopes and under the water scuba diving. He has a passion for travel and enjoys taking in new sights while photographing his adventures. His most memorable trip to date has been his recent trip to Germany, where he explored his appreciation for historic architecture by visiting over 17 castles and viewing the remains of the Berlin wall.

George Alexander, Vice President - Equipment Consulting Practice
George Alexander, Vice President - Equipment Consulting Practice

George is involved in his community where he volunteers with his local church to help others in need. He is also passionate about serving veteran organizations, a cause close to his heart as his father was a proud veteran. He recently donated his well-loved 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee to a veteran returning from deployment who did not have a vehicle.

George is recently married and had the following to share about his wife, “As I embark on the next chapter in my life, I’m truly blessed to have my wife at my side and in my life.”


Interested in learning more about George Alexander? Send him an email at [email protected].

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