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October 9, 2019
Derek Boggi, Assistant Vice President
Derek Boggi, Assistant Vice President

What truly differentiates J.S. Held is our people — world-class talent driven by a common set of core values. Together, these shared values inspire a culture of integrity, excellence, teamwork, and service.


Get to know Derek J. Boggi.

Derek is a man of principle; he places tremendous emphasis on his name and all that it is associated with it, whether that’s helping someone in need or delivering his best professionally. His passion for serving people, unrivaled work ethic, and desire to ‘be the best,’ combined with his extensive knowledge of roofing materials and systems, embodies J.S. Held’s foundational pillars – built upon technical expertise and unparalleled client service.

Dan Parker, Vice President – Roofing Practice Manager
Dan Parker, Vice President – Roofing Practice Manager


It was the summer of 1994 when Derek’s career in the construction industry began as a freshman in high school. His father, Dennis Boggi, owned and operated Boggi Enterprises, a roof contracting firm based out of southern New Jersey. While most 14-year-olds were sleeping in and enjoying summer activities, Derek was rolling out of bed at 4:00 a.m. and waking up the proverbial rooster while on his way to tear off and replace roofs for the day.

Lucky for Derek, his father was generous and promoted him four summers later, giving him a little break from the manual labor so that he could start overseeing projects and managing subcontractors. In his new role, Derek was highly effective because he understood what it took to get the job done right and how to relate to his peers, traits that still support his work today. A few years later, Derek left Boggi Enterprises to join a roofing union following his father’s retirement. He would later go on to serve as a project manager for Debex, a general contracting firm, where he handled a full spectrum of construction projects.

As a result of these collective experiences, Derek is now able to analyze details from proper nailing patterns to complex system failures; while also better managing projects, communicating amongst cross-functional teams, and developing solutions tailored to the unique circumstances of each assignment.

It was in 2007 that Derek was introduced to J.S. Held while managing a project in South Florida that had experienced hurricane damage. J.S. Held building consultants, Doug MacKinney and Jake Mello, were brought in to assess the project on behalf of the insurer. “I remember how impressed I was with the knowledge and expertise of Doug and Jake,” said Derek. “I was asking questions about what they do, which in turn led to a conversation that paved the way for where I am today.”

Professional Interests

Based out of Philadelphia, PA, Derek has traveled throughout the world performing property damage assessments and forensic investigations, ranging from residential homes to expansive commercial structures. He is regularly appointed as an umpire and retained as an appraiser for matters in dispute. His expertise in roofing has also led to his involvement in an expert witness capacity.

Commercial Roof
Commercial Roof

Derek’s role is multi-faceted due to the variety of projects he is engaged on; however, his primary responsibilities, in addition to damage assessments and forensic investigations, include project management, cost analysis, and evaluation of roofing defects.

Personal Interests

First and foremost, Derek is a father. His reputation and character are defined in many positive ways, and that’s because he shapes his own approach with the thought of how it will impact the way his children later face those same challenges and opportunities. Family and friends are his lifeblood, and nothing brings people together better than food.

Having lived in Florida for a while, Derek knows his way around a blackened Mahi entrée, at least if you ask him. He’s a certified scuba diver though, so there is probably some truth to the claim. Either way, opening up his home to family and friends for a cookout is one of his sources for fulfillment. As for another? That would be a thrill-seeking adventure with his wife-to-be, Heather, son, Jagger, and daughter, Brielle. Together, they’ve hiked the volcanoes of Hawaii, snorkeled the reefs around Punta Cana, and braved the summer beaches of New Jersey.

Derek Boggi, Assistant Vice President
Derek Boggi, Assistant Vice President

Derek is also involved in his community where he volunteers his time as a little league baseball coach in Harrison Township, New Jersey.


Interested in learning more about Derek Boggi? Give him a call at 267-251-7609.

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