Employee Spotlight: Bill Zoeller

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January 27, 2021
Bill Zoeller, Senior Project Manager - Environmental, Health & Safety Practice
Bill Zoeller, Senior Project Manager - Environmental, Health & Safety Practice

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Bill Zoeller is based out of central Wisconsin and joined J.S. Held around mid-2018 as a Senior Project Manager and Regional Lead within our Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) Practice. Bill oversees all EH&S staff, inspections, and work products throughout the north-central and mid-central regions. Over his career, he has worked on both small residential claims and large commercial claims exceeding hundreds of millions of dollars. Bill has been engaged on matters involving infection control, biological contamination, smoke and water mapping, and regulated materials.

Known for his optimism and motivational character, Bill loves working on teams and collaborating with experts from across all J.S. Held’s practice groups to address complex claims and disputes. As a leader, he particularly enjoys the opportunity to mentor junior colleagues to help them better achieve their goals and exceed client expectations.


“Bill has an extra gear in him. He will go out of his way for anyone and is a fact-driven expert who leads by example. We are fortunate to have him on our team.”

Chaz Mello, Senior Vice President – Building Consulting Practice | Downers Grove, IL



Bill holds a Bachelor of Microbiology and Biomedical Science degree from the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse; however, he initially attended college to study physical therapy. After taking a microbiology class and finding it much more intriguing, he decided to change course. “After college I was offered positions in pharmaceutical sales but required relocation,” he explains, “and the first time I was offered a job in industrial hygiene, I actually declined (3 times). I eventually did accept, and I’ve been in the field ever since.”

Over many years in the industry, Bill has earned several additional certifications. He is currently licensed in asbestos inspection and supervision and as a lead risk assessor, an IICRC Master Water Restorer, an ACAC Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant, and an IAQA Certified Indoor Environmentalist.

Before joining J.S. Held, Bill owned and operated a small industrial hygiene firm in Wisconsin for over 17 years while his wife owned a restoration firm. Eventually, they decided to sell their businesses and return to working for another company. “The biggest lesson I learned from being self-employed was in client relations, specifically the value of building and fostering relationships over time,” he says.

Bill recalls meeting J.S. Held consultants for the first time while working on a large hospital project. The hospital had millions of dollars in flooding damage across several significant facilities. “After working with J.S. Held's Building Consulting group on a few claims, I was impressed by the professionalism and knowledge base of their staff,” he says. “I decided to join J.S. Held to further improve myself personally and professionally.”

Professional Interests

While Bill’s experience and involvement is vast, much of his work currently revolves around hospitals and medical facilities. These projects can be complex, he explains: “I often handle multiple issues at a single site. For instance, a sprinkler system may have caused flooding, which in turn may have compromised a COVID ward near the flooding site, or we may find that foreign objects like latex gloves have gone down a drain and are clogging part of the building’s plumbing. This could cause biological specimens and other hazards to overflow into the floors below, and so on.”

“Working with the healthcare industry, I get to help people who also specialize in health. I can help them figure out how they can better handle critical situations when they arise, and the 2020 pandemic is a good example,” Bill says. “In general, though, imagine all the considerations involved when you’re doing something like drying a building after a flood. There is potential to create hazards like dust. Then you need to plan for handling such risks within uniquely short timeframes because you may not have the luxury of having months of planning.”

According to Bill, there is never a dull moment in the world of industrial hygiene. After a while, nothing comes as a surprise—except, he says, how often things such as health and safety laws are not well understood. “It amazes me to find out that a lot of people aren’t aware of how asbestos regulations work,” says Bill. “Many people think that asbestos is ‘illegal,’ for instance. It is also not commonly known that buildings are considered ‘positive’ for hazards such as asbestos until they test negative.”

Employee Spotlight: Bill Zoeller
Employee Spotlight: Bill Zoeller

Personal Interests

Bill and his wife have five children, including twins. His wife is a member of the governance council for their children’s school and often nominates Bill to help with various projects. “I donated a microscope to the science lab once and even got to teach students how to use it,” Bill says. In his free time, if he isn’t volunteering, Bill also loves keeping up with professional sports, including golf, football, and basketball.


“Building relationships and friendships is a way of life, not just part of a job.”

Bill Zoeller, Senior Project Manager & Regional Lead – Environmental, Health & Safety Practice | Minneapolis, MN



Are you interested in learning more about Bill Zoeller? Send him an email at [email protected] or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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