Tyler Tarnoczi

J.S. Held’s Inaugural Global Risk Report Examines Potential Business Risks & Opportunities in 2024

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Tyler is a seasoned expert in carbon markets, carbon offsets project development, environmental policy, and government affairs. His expertise extends to climate-related financial topics such as governance, risk, strategy, and metrics, making him a versatile asset in navigating the complexities of environmental credit trading, regulatory compliance, and greenhouse gas accounting across various sectors, including oil & gas, energy, technology, finance, mining, and industrials. Tyler’s educational background includes a CFA Charterholder designation, an MBA specializing in finance, a Master of Natural Resources, and a BSC in chemistry and environmental science.

Prior to J.S. Held, Tyler held senior roles in strategy, regulatory compliance, government affairs, and corporate sustainability at Cenovus Energy, a large multi-national integrated oil and gas firm. His experience ranges from guiding corporate low-carbon scenario analysis and embedding carbon-related risk considerations into corporate strategy to developing frameworks for capital allocation of low-carbon investments and advising on ESG disclosure and communication strategies. Further, Tyler's tenure as a Carbon Offsets Development Manager at Anew (formerly Blue Source) gave him invaluable insights into renewable energy projects, energy efficiency, carbon capture and storage, and nature-based carbon projects.

As the VP of Carbon Management and Global Markets at J.S. Held, Tyler advises clients on various sustainability and climate-related issues. His role involves guiding carbon policy, strategy, finance, and markets and offering subject matter expertise on sustainability-related topics such as policy, disclosure, and strategy. With a comprehensive understanding of carbon markets trading and optimization, Tyler is adept at managing multimillion-dollar carbon optimization portfolios, sourcing compliance credits, exploring innovative financing structures, and originating environmental assets. His commitment to driving profitable environmental initiatives underscores his dedication to advancing sustainable practices in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.

Key Expertise

  • Carbon Markets
  • Carbon Offsets Project Development
  • Climate-Related Financial Topics
  • Environmental Credit Trading & Optimization
  • Environmental Policy & Government Affairs
  • Environmental, Sustainability & ESG Reporting
  • Greenhouse Gas Accounting
  • Oil & Gas, Energy, Technology, Finance, Mining & Industrials
  • Regulatory Compliance