Shawn Johnson, PE

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Shawn Johnson

Professional Engineer


+1 832 793 8427 (Office)
333 Clay St, Suite 3960
Houston, TX 77002

For current engineering licensure info, click here.

Mr. Johnson’s work is focused on projects requiring evaluation of damage from various causes including settlement-related conditions, hurricanes, floods, storm events, fires, design/construction activities/deficiencies, vehicle impact, vibration, moisture/moisture intrusion, environmental exposure/deterioration, and wood destroying organisms. Mr. Johnson has over twenty years of experience in structural damage evaluations of buildings, facilities, and residential structures, including foundation analysis, water intrusion, and extent of damage due to wind, hail, fire, explosions, impact forces, excessive loads, and various soil/foundation conditions. Mr. Johnson has experience in determining the cause of structural damage and differential foundation movement due to various soil phenomena such as settlement, faults, slope instability, expansive soils, and erosion. Mr. Johnson’s experience also includes extensive experience in field investigations, photographic examinations, floor elevation surveys, soil sample collection, classification and analysis of laboratory test results, as well as evaluation of existing structures for compliance with design plans, specifications, and building codes.

Professional Licensure:

  • PE 26598 / AL [State of Alabama Engineering License]
  • PE 11957 / AR [State of Arkansas Engineering License]
  • PE 40930 / CO [State of Colorado Engineering License]
  • PE 18667 / DE [State of Delaware Engineering License]
  • PE 62107 / FL [State of Florida Engineering License]
  • PE 030252 / GA [State of Georgia Engineering License]
  • PE 18911 / KS [State of Kansas Engineering License]
  • PE 31433 / LA [State of Louisiana Engineering License]
  • PE 43436 / MD [State of Maryland Engineering License]
  • PE 16487 / MS [State of Mississippi Engineering License]
  • PE 031853 / NC [State of North Carolina Engineering License]
  • PE 17014 / NM [State of New Mexico Engineering License]
  • PE 72500 / OH [State of Ohio Engineering License]
  • PE 21636 / OK [State of Oklahoma Engineering License]
  • PE 075581 / PA [State of Pennsylvania Engineering Licenses]
  • PE 24985 / SC [State of South Carolina Engineering License]
  • PE 86578 / TX [State of Texas Engineering License]
  • PE 042535 / VA [State of Virginia Engineering License]

Specialized Training:

  • Certified XL Tribometrist #1306482