Randall A. Howard, PE

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Randall Howard

Senior Engineer


+1 813 676 1069 (Office)
+1 813 676 1069 (Mobile)
402 BNA Dr., Building 100, Suite 411
Nashville, TN 37217

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Randall Howard's expertise involves the determination of the cause, origin, and extent/severity of damage to buildings, including collapse, storm damage, foundation problems, fire damage, moisture source, and design/construction defects. He has extensive knowledge of residential and commercial building design and construction and is familiar with most major building codes and industry standards or guidelines.

Randall has over 35 years of combined experience in the fields of structural design, construction, and forensic engineering activities pertaining to civil and structural matters, including six years on the west coast of the United States and more than 29 years working in many of the south and southeast states.

Randall holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Engineering from California Polytechnic State University.

Professional Registration:

  • PE 21432 / AL [State of Alabama Engineering License]
  • PE 21124 / AR [State of Arkansas Professional Engineering License]
  • PE 50893 / FL [State of Florida Engineering License]
  • PE 023111 / GA [State of Georgia Engineering License]
  • PE 29158 / KS [State of Kansas Professional Engineering License]
  • PE 37156 / KY [State of Kentucky Engineering License]
  • PE 0027237 / LA [State of Louisiana Engineering License]
  • PE 13132 / MS [State of Mississippi Engineering License]
  • PE 123952 / TN [State of Tennessee Engineering License]
  • PE 80622 / TX [State of Texas Engineering License]
  • PE 17752 / SC [State of South Carolina Engineering License]
  • PE 022337 / NC [State of North Carolina Engineering License]
  • PE 0402030995 / VA [State of Virginia Engineering License]
  • PE 089020 / PA [State of Pennsylvania Engineering License]