Pamela Storz

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Pamela Wheeler Storz has spent most of her professional life translating highly technical medical, legal, electrical, and forensic engineering text and concepts into relatable, understandable language.

For over 25 years, she has designed, written, and maintained documentation to include technician level training programs for test equipment, troubleshooting procedures, procedural manuals for printed circuit board testing, design specifications, installation and maintenance guides, product descriptions, and training programs for company test equipment. As she grew up in Honduras, Pamela was able to translate any documentation into Spanish, providing company material in two languages. Pamela has also conducted the actual training to the technicians in Spanish and in English.

On a less technical side Pamela has designed, written, and maintained procedural manuals for office administration, the Handbook for Technical Writers, RFPs, proposals, grants, and product marketing literature. She has produced publicity in multiple media formats, press releases, flyers, all promotional materials, and maintained internal and external web sites.
Using a self-written, self-designed program, Pamela plans and teaches a fast-track 8-week conversational Spanish class to adults traveling to Latin America.