Nelson Parada, MS, PE

Nelson Parada

Professional Engineer


+1 772 766 0999 (Mobile)
+1 689 223 5393 (Office)
3626 Quadrangle Blvd, Suite 200
Orlando, FL 32817

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Mr. Parada has over twenty-five years of civil engineering experience, including program management of multi-million-dollar land development projects, as well as performing drainage/flooding calculations, building code analysis, and permitting review. He has worked as a consultant performing engineering inspections on commercial, office, and residential properties and has a variety of experience in roadway reconstruction project designs, analysis and design of structural components such as beam and bolted connection, wind analysis, and determination of wind force of mid- and high-rise building roofs and components building condition inspection and determination of damages and recommendation of the method of repairs, permitting and construction administration. In addition, Mr. Parada has over five years of forensic engineering work and has served as an expert testimony witness in multiple insurance claims. His experience includes assessment of damages to residential and commercial property from flood, surge, wind, and other natural threats, foundation settlement, and vibration damage to structures from natural and artificial sources such as earthquakes and construction activities. Sinkhole loss investigations and foundation settlement were also performed. Cause, origin, and duration of moisture intrusion damage to residential and commercial properties from plumbing, roof, and fenestration failures, condensate moisture, groundwater, and vapor intrusion.

Professional Licensure:

  • PE 24GE04842300 / NJ [State of New Jersey Engineering License]
  • PE 80917 / FL [State of Florida Engineering License]