Mark Nealley, MS, CIH

J.S. Held’s Inaugural Global Risk Report Examines Potential Business Risks & Opportunities in 2024

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Mark Nealley is a project manager in the EH&S group and provides occupational and environmental health and safety technical consulting and project management services to existing clients and develops working relationships both within and outside the company. He holds a Master of Science degree in Environmental Biology from Hood College, is a board-certified industrial hygienist (CIH), and has provided diverse occupational health, safety, and environmental consulting services to industrial and commercial clients for more than 30 years.

Mark has provided technical consulting services to clients and managed numerous product risk assessment and exposure assessment projects related to a wide variety of exposure scenarios and chemical compounds. He has experience assessing exposures utilizing traditional industrial hygiene sampling and performing mathematical modeling. Mark has coauthored/presented several papers related to human health risks from hazardous waste combustion facilities and peer-reviewed the ATSDR’s Public Health Reviews of Hazardous Waste Thermal Treatment Technologies. Prior to his industrial hygiene and environmental consulting work, Mark was involved in aerosol research studies at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases.

J.S. Held is recognized as an ENR Top 200 Environmental Consulting Firm and industry leader in the Verdantix Green Quadrant for Sustainability & ESG Consulting.