Kevin Crane, PE, BSCE, MBA, JD

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Kevin Crane

Professional Engineer


+1 603 607 7696 (Office)
100E South Main Street
Middleton, MA 01949

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Kevin has over 20 years of professional civil engineering experience in forensic engineering and in civil, geotechnical, and structural engineering analyses and design. As a forensic engineer, Kevin has determined the cause of loss for residential and commercial structures. He has performed structural, seismic, and geotechnical evaluations to analyze how structures perform in their built environments. He has determined how damage resulted from design and construction defects, from failure to maintain, and as a result of a structure’s interactions with earthquakes, fire, flood, soils, storms, water, and wind.

Prior to joining J.S. Held, Kevin produced structural and civil plans, specifications, and budgets for public and private clients and administered construction contracts, cost estimates, and budgets. In addition to structural design, Kevin has achieved competencies in land development design, grading and drainage, erosion control, clean stormwater design, and infrastructure rehabilitation and repair for roads and buried water, sewer, and storm drain lines.

As a forensic engineer with J.S. Held, Kevin works with public and private entities to investigate, address, and help resolve claims, compliance issues, and disputes. Kevin provides services in civil and structural engineering, ground movement and failures, vibration studies and assessments, failure and collapse analyses, and code upgrades and compliance.

Key Expertise

  • Forensic Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Municipal

Professional Affiliations / Memberships

  • National Society of Professional Engineers
  • National Fire Protection Association
  • International Conference of Building Officials
  • International Code Council
  • American Geophysical Union

Professional Licensure

  • PE 54907 – Civil, California PE 16560 – Civil, New Hampshire
  • PE 89791 – Civil, Oregon PE 34765 – Civil, Connecticut
  • PE 14622 – Civil, Rhode Island PE 16675 – Civil, Maine
  • PE 018.0135409 – Civil, Vermont PE 56801 – Civil, Massachusetts
  • PE 48497 - Civil, Washington PE 28146 – Civil, Nevada