John Busby

J.S. Held’s Inaugural Global Risk Report Examines Potential Business Risks & Opportunities in 2024

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John Busby has worked as a Consultant for almost five years completing residential, multifamily, commercial, medical facilities projects. Ranging in budgets of $100,000 to $10,000,000.

John has 15 years in the construction industry in operational management in varying capacities. John has managed construction projects from start to finish and performed key roles in project planning, budget and identification of resources needed. John has also completed project accounting including managing the project budget, team expenses, to minimize exposure and risks in the project. John’s management skills ensure that construction activities move according to the predetermined schedule. He will devise the project work plans and make revisions when required. John communicates effectively with contractors responsible for completing various phases of projects to ensure they are completed successfully. John also co-ordinates the efforts of all parties in the project which include architects, consultants, contractors and sub-contractors. John tries to maintain strict adherence to budgetary guidelines, quality and safety standards to ensure the key performance indexes are met.