Bryn Gunther

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Bryn Gunther is a research assistant at J.S. Held who helps forward user experience (UX) and human factors research. With a background in kinesiology, Ms. Gunther specializes in proactive research, human-subject intervention, and multifaceted data collection at the intersection of health and technology. She helps lead impactful initiatives to grow technology, dissect user interactions, uncover pain points, and optimize user experience.

Ms. Gunther has multiple years of experience working with special populations, including children with Down syndrome, adults with comorbidities, women with high-risk pregnancies, and patients with Parkinson’s disease. Ms. Gunther is now a dedicated member of the state-of-the-art User Research Labs (URL) at J.S. Held, where she collaborates with other highly motivated and skilled colleagues. Prior to joining this team, Ms. Gunther helped improve augmented and virtual reality prototypes at Meta Reality Labs. In addition, Ms. Gunther facilitated multiple studies to enhance wearable devices at Exponent, Inc. She strives to combine her passion for user experience, product development, health technology, and community engagement to develop new digital and physical technologies that augment modern life.

Ms. Gunther investigates ongoing interdisciplinary research questions and collaborates with a cross-functional team within J.S. Held's User Research Labs (URL). Her multifaceted responsibilities in proactive investigations include experimental design, data collection, participant recruitment, and rigorous data analysis. Ms. Gunther consistently delivers insightful and actionable results to clients.

Key Expertise

  • Kinesiology
  • Wearables
  • Child Studies
  • User Experience
  • Human Factors
  • Usability
  • Product Development