Bryan Bonnville, PE, SE

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Bryan Bonnville

Senior Engineer


+1 949 417 2688 (Office)
+1 949 531 3799 (Mobile)
1375 Dove Street 2nd Floor, Suite 250
Newport Beach, CA 92660

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Mr. Bonnville has designed numerous multi-story commercial buildings and industrial steel-framed and concrete tilt-up buildings, industrial and manufacturing equipment structures, seismic retrofits, masonry and timber structures. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, consisting of three years of primarily drafting experience and 17 years of structural engineering design experience, he is capable of providing custom structural engineering design solutions for unique building structures of all types of construction and equipment support systems.

Mr. Bonnville possess high level of expertise in building engineering with skills including finite element engineering programs, such as RISA-3D and RAM Structural System suite, and development of advanced Excel design spreadsheets. Mr. Bonnville has also successfully completed multiple building projects using the Autodesk Revit platform as a 3D modeling and construction drawing production tool to develop project construction documents for new construction structures and major structural renovations with seismic retrofit measures.

While at university, Mr. Bonnville worked for four years as a structural draftsperson, where he acquired fundamental knowledge for many different commercial and industrial types of structures. In 2006, he acquired his Professional Engineer license in the State of California and transitioned to a Project Engineer role. Having acquired his Structural Engineer license from the State of California, and after 14 total years of design experience, he joined J.S. Dyer and Associates in 2014 as a Senior Structural Engineer, then advanced into the Director of Engineering position in 2015. In January 2020, J.S. Held acquired J.S. Dyer and Associates and focused his role to his current position as a Senior Engineer.

As a Senior Engineer at J.S. Held, Mr. Bonnville is responsible for providing conceptual input during design development, engineering design calculations and detailed construction drawings, project management, client relationship development, writing proposals and contract documents, construction administration, peer reviews and preparing reports for site observations, investigations and seismic risk assessments. He is also tasked to provide effective leadership, management, and support all team members for the successful completion of our projects.

Professional Registration:

  • NCEES 12-544-79 [National Engineering Registration]
  • S5994 / CA [State of California Professional Structural Engineering License]
  • C70558 / CA [State of California Professional Civil Engineering License]
  • PE/SE 20107371 / WA [State of Washington Professional Civil/Structural Engineering License]
  • 11980320-2203 / UT [State of Utah Professional Structural Engineer]